What are the most exciting things not only in World of Warcraft but in other games as well? I certainly would say its racing and competition! Players love competing against other players, that’s the real gaming spirit and drive! So those facts are reason why wow players like fishing tournaments so much and other events in wow too.
 Fishing as a profession in World of Warcraft has its own grand world event called Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza which is available only once per week. Every Sunday at 2 a clock almost every fishing enthusiastic wow player is about to start doing this awesome fishing contest. The tournament takes place in game zone called Stranglethorn Vale and is set along the coasts. At the proper time a friendly NPC will come to the capital cities to announce instructions and attract players and anglers from all over the Azeroth. Right before the event starts shout across the Stranglethorn Vale is made, so prepare your fishing pole and bait your hook! Hundreds of players are trying to win so competition is very high.

The goal of that fishing tournament is to catch 40x [Speckled Tastyfish] and to turn them in to a contest NPC in BB as the first person. In order to speeding up a fishing process use a fishing bot for wow Only one player each week can complete a quest. The rewards are fabulous and very rare that’s why many players are attracted by this tournament and doing it almost every week.

The winner can choose between [Arcanite Fishing Pole] or [Hook of the Master Angler]. The pole gives you +40 fishing skill and trinket has a swim form spell. Let’s explain how you can obtain a special contest fish - Speckled Tastyfish. When the tournament has been started a special fishing schools or School of Tastyfish also spawns. Those fishing pools are available only during the fishing tournament from 2pm-4pm. The bigger part of your epic fishing journey is to fish out Speckled Tastyfish from a School of Tastyfish which is spawned around coasts.

When you got 40 Speckled Tastyfish you have to turn them in as soon as possible. Now let’s tell you some tips how you improve your chances to win. Your hearthstone should be set in Booty Bay so you can use it right after you caught 40 Speckled Tastyfish and immediately turn them in, this will raise your odds tremendously. You even can consider using a fishing bot. When you are totally crazy and desperate about winning bring your friends and guild mates with you, it may help a lot as they can participate in finding more tastyfish schools and spotting them for you and since during the event PvP is very intensive and zones become open battlegrounds you should have really a lot of friends backing you up. When you aren’t playing on a PvP realm just make sure you off your pvp flag for this event to avoid opposite factions issues. If you haven’t been lucky and didn’t win the fishing tournament don’t worrie, you always have a chance to win one in the next week!



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